18 March 2011


i guess i've been acting childishly lately
for those who had to encountered my childishness,
i guess i need to withdrawn for a while
and try to think straight again..

being really pissed off this few weeks and seriously don't know where to channel it
having the homesick momentos and really wanna sit back with my beloved family and friends
harries cakap, i always hide my feelings..
yeah i guess he is right...
compared to my friends, if they are sad wut so eva they just spill it out
whilst for me, i prefer to keep it inside and handle it alone..
and continue laughing of coz... ^^
seyesly it seems like i have lotsa stuff to be handled right now..
especially last night...

i'm tired,n i just wanna get a rest..
if only you can lean me your shoulder...
you'll know how much thing havent change despite all the crappy words and crappy things dat happen between us...
they realize it but you haven't eh...sabar je laaa...
maybe Allah is sparing me something better...
Verily,after each difficulties..

p/s :
1.i want to do star gazing,
2.i missed all my besties (especially zack n nine),
3.i missed the moments where we hang out together (bglong,dikcik,kak ngah *_*)
4. i missed the time where i can go to tesco bought an ice cream and hang out at e-gate eating ice cream...
5. missed playing basketball with em
6.missed being 'ceramah' by bglong
7. i guess that is all..

and things are not going back to the old way...cheers! ^^ jiwa kental beb~ just wait 4 the changes~

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