13 February 2011

New life in sydney :)


Early in the morning..
10th february 2011
i free myself to visit my friends at UiTM shah alam
Edu Fac
*ohh i was a student here once..before i entered IPG*
really missed them.. very much! ^^
its great to be a TESLIANZ okeyy :)

after spending almost 2-3 hours with my friends,
i went back to my paksu's houz and get a bath *AGAIN!*
and get ready all my stuff to go to KLIA..
*sebakk siott!*
but since i am the only child in the fam..
i tried not to cry in front of my mother lah..
why is dat??
its not dat i am hypocrite or wut lahhh..
i just want to give my mother the strength she needed..
if i cried like a baby..
it will makes my mum worried hell kannn psl cik pelangi..

so this is @ the airport..
one of the fan of IniAnwarHadi joining us @ the airport..
click this picture to view it in larger size

ahh another bestfren of mine..
coming to the airport right after office hours to send me off..

we were once together in UiTM..
doing foundation for TESL
back in the 2008
last pictures with parents..
tapi bak kata zakwan
hati beku~expressionless :P
langit adelaide
just before we reached sydney

sydney city
third day,cik pelangi sempat g jln2 ke city.. ^^

with the senior
abg amir..
he is our faci for my group..
he is the one who is really generous to take us on tour to sydney city..
*etceli kitorg minx nk g jln2..haks*

Harbour bridge 

sydney opera house



again abg amir in the picture
he looks like our bodyguard of the day kann? :P

pancake house..
dun wury..halal sni ;)

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