21 February 2011

Pleasure or pressure?

You give me so much pleasure and too much pressure -beautiful oag

What does it mean when ur heart started to miss sum1?
Longing for the attention from em..
Wanted to be cared And loved by em..
Izit love or it's just bcoz u r bored?
What is the purpose of living besides our devotion to Allah?
Besides being a caliph?
What shud we do?
gambar sekadar hiasan...
the caption that counts...


Amira Naddia said...

love hurts
one thing for sure aite!
berjiran dengan org yg seksi

EL90 said...

amira : haha i gez so~ u surely needs extra courage and confidence if u want to fall in love and being loved..

just to get ready b4 anytg happen kan~

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