16 February 2011

Sneak peek preview Vlog IniAnwarHadi ke??

holaaa readers!
assalamualaikum (jwb dlu salammm ^^)

for the time being, i dun have anything interesting to share except picturesssss!!!!!!!

neway if you ask me how is sydney?
i would like to say that...
two things i like about this place are.....

1. safety on road
2. architecture of the buildings

gosh man! i am one of a kind who is very afraid to cross big roads..huhu *yeahh you can laughh*
but here!! in sydney....
i feels safe on the road! haks!
becauseeee... whenever we want to cross the roads(here) we dun have to worry about the vehicles...
but then the vehicles should be worrying about us..
they will stop (anywhere jugak except traffic light) and let us cross first...
x payah terkedek2 tggu sum1 else nk pegang2 tgn cross the road..
skarang da boleh berlagak dgn rumate,housemate n anwar hadi..
*aq x takutt daaa lintas jalannnn* :PP

and for the architectural arts..
i really like to go for sightseeing and i really adore classic and historical building..
chantique habaq kauu!
rasa nak duduk je kat streets to n shoot pictures banyak2....

sneak peek preview vlog anwar hadi??
duhh mna bolehhh habaq..x surprisee la...mau disembelihnye cik pelangi oleh IniAnwarHadi tuhh...
one thing i can do is..to share my pictures with all of u!
we are totally having fun shooting pictures at this place... (yg penat jurukameranyee la...da la x brapa pro..huhu sy budak masih belajar..klau ada yg sudi tlg ajar...wahh tak terkata rasanyaa)

Dinasti hwang Di (hang hadi :P)

puteri2 ^^


Bro Fit said...

anwar hadi??? wuarghhh!!!

hehe jangan marah...

- Fitrihadi.com -

EL90 said...

haha x marah.... ^^ thz for walking by~ ;)

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