27 April 2010

Howling chronicle

my sweetest nightingale

My spirits t'attend this double voice accorded,

And down I laid to list the sad-tuned tale,

as love has been part of thy melodious heart-rending chronicle

I lingered by the road side to go through every flash

Passing through each and every memories

I aint sure of any steps engaged..

Open up thy eyes of what’s around you...

Look inside yourself and see it

The anger and pain is hiding by the wall

Is there any love remains?

The truth that cant be kept any longer

Dear you, Love is unconditional...

Bent double, like old beggars under sacks,

You teach me what is unseen

Live,life love,anger and happiness filled with ego and dramas

As life is unpredictable so as love be

I strongly feel love as I walk through the memories

I think about you shining and glimmering

Through days and night, the time flies and ticks

Dreaming of you as my star was the sweetest dream

Wishing for the starlight

Dare not I pursue

So long nightingale the sweetest of mine

love is unconditional....

and i aint chasing but i wil run through it....

reference : wilfred owen and shakespeare poems..
note : originally mine except for a few sentence.taken from wilfred owen and shakespeare's poem.

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