13 August 2010

SK Seri Indah :D

School Experienced

our first S.E is in this school... SK Seri Indah...bak kata seorang sahabat dr IPG TB... Semuanya indah2 belaka...hihihi
This time, i dont want to describe what i've been doing in this school yet..
but i want to share something interesting that happened this morning
at 7.30am on the 13th of August 2010...

This picture is one of the support staff at SK Seri Indah. ..known as Pak cik bakar.. He asked me to candid him giving bread crumbs to this pigeon...nice one... all the birds here is very friendly..
when i saw him giving bread crumbs, it reminds me of the time in trafalgar square.... lots of pigeon...
but this is not what i want to share with u...there is another interesting thing today...


cute heh diz lil fellow???
heheh but poor him...
sepandai2 tupai melompat, akhirnya kena kurung dalam sangkar..
he's soo cute!
this is called musang pandan....
i was told by the gardener...
kata mereka..
ini anak musang...
bapak dan mak musang bermaharajalela di sekolah menengah di sebelah SK Seri Indah..
cam funny je..
anak2 g skola rendah...mak ngan ayah g skola menengah
hey children~look at this lil fella...
he also wants to study..
but u guys keep skipping school..
diz lil fella really attract me as i never in my life seen a musang@ fox..
the one i used to see is on the tv..but not a real one..
sooo cute!
and guess what?
when i keep saying "eee chumeelllnya!"
then the HM responds,
"amek la bwa balik...bela kt maktab..kenangan dr SK Seri Indah"
chill giler lah HM skola SK Seri Indah..
and for sure la we all burst out with laughter kan..
gonna miss this school for its warm and friendly environment...

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pak long said...

musang pun rajin p sekolah.. ha..jgn malas2..

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