13 January 2010

Reality struck...ouChh!

My past is wut I luv,
the dearest of all..
if ever i can exchange it with my life..
i would like to..
However..fate is not mine..

When facing my present..
I realized..
Losing it is wut I hate,
For i have to bear all the consequences of the past
to the present...

I am afraid of the future,
Wondering whether i can live without it or not..

Reality struck...
I'll nvr get back my past,
I'll nvr leave my present,
I'll have to face my future.....

Strong heart is all i need...

Tribute :To One of my institute fwenz for thy words...

Indahnya bahasa mengubat jiwa
kata tersusun merangka cerita
Dunia yang terHIJAB mengundang kisah
Menjadi tanda persahabatan kita..

*Bahasanya melambangkan pekerti*
*Puitisnya memberi kedamaian*
*Tangkasnya ibarat laksamana*
*Patuhnya menjanji syurga*

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