13 January 2010



I was expecting for the selection to be today... penat je kumpul semangat turun court... Suddenly, the coach has changed the date... today will only be for men group... for LADIES...it will be tomorrow... screw it... how am i gonna make it tomorrow?? now i am in Dilemma! tomorrow... our cohort will be having cohort meeting with the respective lecturers... it will be hold at 2.30 pm... then my schedule continue with the main committee meeting with miss letch at 4pm..

then the coach asks me to be at the court at 4.45 pm tomorrow..


how am i gonna make it?? what about ASAR?? aduyaiii...i really need somebody rite now ... i dunno which one to choose.. BOTB is compulsory.. while tennis is my passion.. I have quite a big responsibilities towards BOTB.. but im longing to play tennis.. should i juz pull myself out from the player selection?? sighh~only god knows what is best....

Mood : sangattt sedih dan konfius..

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