04 November 2009

do you smell troubles coming in?

the heart that melts...

the exams hall was filled with noise buzzing from students talking and joking around...
everybodys were busy discussing on the questions just now..
without any delay, i took my bag and head to the door...

"zern!wait for me...!!" footsteps heard running towards me...as zern was pushing herself out from the examination hall, somebody tap her shoulder.it's fie..

"ohh hye fie..let's go for lunch..i'm hungry.." zern place her hand in hers and pull her to make their way...

"ehh wait up zern...my bag is still in the hall..wait for me at the stairs..i'll catch you later..."

"ok!" said zern and she made his way to the stairs first..while walking, she switch her mp3's on and take out a newspaper she bought before the exams and walks to the stairs.Five minutes has past and zern has read through page to page of the newspaper but still, she didnt see fie's face...but instead...

'clanz!oh my,why must i see his face right now...' zern felt like running away from that place.she cursed at fie's for being late..but even she managed to express her anger at fie's right now, it won't do anything...

'zern,cover your face with the newspapers!that will do...and i walk past him. he won't noticed you...' zern starts to plan her move to get past clanz..

they were just an inch away when suddenly a junior run through her and hit her hard by her shoulder and......

'oh no!my worst nightmare begins!'



"ouchh...it's hurt"

luckily it occurs at the last stairs..but...zern fall on clanz..and now she felt hurt at her knees.

" ehh sorry kak...x sengaja.." the junior give her hand to help zern.her face was fill with guilt..

while clanz frenz was laughing at us he was still numb at his place. i think my face has turn red at that time..i can still feel his hand around my waist and his eyes staring at me.

'ya allah..maluunye!zern what's wrong with you hah?!x ckup2 nk malukan diri ke?' my spirit flew together with the incident.my knees shaking and it hurt badly...'fie,where are you...aduhh'

"kak,minx maaf..x sengaja...x perasan akak td..akak ok ke?" the junior asks her to comfirm
'eshk kakak ni apsal pucat semcm jee ni'

"clanz,are you ok?here your books...take it" yen voice interrupts and pull him up.

clanz was just nodding without saying anything. the rest were still laughing at the embarassing incidents..

zern was about to make her way back when suddenly...

"hey your hp's here..."

'alamak!zern ko niiii' she turn around and look at the owner of the voice..

'erk!clanz...? chill zern chill out..'

"hmm thanks.." after hp change to her hand, she turn back to go to her car..pretending not to know him.

"zern,i'm sorry...didn't mean to...." *silent.....*

clanz, say something clanz....this is your chance!

zern : its ok...

she head back to her car and dissappears from the embarrassing scene...

no turning back..

*texting msg to fie*

'fie, i need to go first...emergency.sorry'


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