05 November 2009


3 days later...

'zern,where have u been?why did you off your hp?'

'babe, where are?knapa call x angkat?blk nanti,call rien blk k?'

'zern,kayzier send an email to you..where have u been dude?don't you want to read it??? :P'

what a day..when I switch on my hp,I received lots of messages from rein,trix,fie and few others. there were 100 missed calls from them alltogether. the last incident really hit me hard...but it's not that she purposely let herself missing in action...

when I was heading back to the hostel, i had received a message from my bestfriend, Jay.. asking for help. he need one volunteer to go for a consumer talk at Galfni. the trip will be for 3days and 2 night,place and food will be provided despite its free....it seems crazy..'jay,how am i supposed to get a replacement in a short time?' she was thinking hard to help her bestfriends..then few minutes later, a new message comes in 'why dont you come zern?i'll be there too.it will make things easier...'

i was thinking hard..i need peace in my life right now,,,Galfni is a nice place far away to the north of Aberon.maybe i should just follow Jay suggestion..i was hoping that the mountain and lake at Galfni will help me sort my life back..

'ok Jay...i'll go...for the sake of friendship..but please don't leave me alone k? you know how 'easy' i am to mingle with people aite?so please keh?' i was hoping Jay would agree and 80% of myself confidently said jay will agree..he seems desperate...hihihi

'ok zern...thz a lot!you save my life...i'll go and fetch you around 3.30pm...see ya..'

'okey..see ya Jay'...

2nd day at GALFNI Lake resort...

'hush now,don't shake or break...
Words have fallen silent like soldiers to the grave...
No matter what they do or say...
Lay me on the sleepy meadow by the tracks upon your face'

the reddish light from the sunset seems warm and tender..
but still, i felt alone and cold in the warmth given by god..
why,why and why?
nobody knows..
i felt like being infected by PSTD (post-traumatic disorder)..
i can't generate my mind..
lotsa things occurs and i didnt even have my own time to reschedule my life..
pretending to be happy doesnt help a lot...
despite the shamefull accident that falls on me,
i was confused with his parents requests..
i tried to avoid him...
but...i cant...i loved him...i dun know how to live without him..
why must i sacrificed things i loved the most?

"oit zern!!!hihihi"

"shoot!" head tilt...laaa 'its u Jay...'

i was shocked at the sudden acknowledgement...
'merosakkan angan2 aku je...'

"what are u doing zern?its already maghrib la...we need to go for dinner at 8...and you still sitting rite here watching sunset and wanders off ur mind eh??"

'ek?' is dat really you Jay?since when you starts to be this concern?hmm common jay,i was just relaxing my mind...i'm not killing myself at this lake...



jay said...

im rite here..
readin ur blog wif popcorn(nc lmk liverpool)

nk kta aktgglkn ko sowg2 la kt sane ekh??wo....

Echolara90 said...

hahah ne adew...ko prasan la...ada aku ckp citer ni kisah benar yg blaku ke??? :P

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