02 November 2009

heart that missed you~



"miss you baby..."

he whisper to her ears and sit next to her..his hand wrapped around her waist...trying to cool her down...

"mmm please behave rien...this is public places..it's not nice to do that.."

nazrien daniel pretend not to hear a thing and take a sip from zern's glass...

"dahaga la sayanggg" and he smile at her..

she feel embarrased with trix.Nazrien is too much..never in her life a guy kissed her.. not any dared to do so..but suddenly, the day she is in a very2 bad mood, rien had kissed her abruptly..yeah~it is nothing..juz kissing her cheek..but...

" sorry syg,i missed you sooo much..can't hold it when i saw you just now,"

'baby, wish you be mine forever..my heart beats faster when our eyes met... *smiles* i'm so just into you...'

'hmm rien, stop staring at me..you make my heart melt..gosh!why can't i be mad at you?what is soo special bout you...hmmm'

"whateva rien..i'm not in da mood...sorry..."

if it was another guy,war might have explode due to my attitude...but him....

"baby...what's wrong?tell me...it will make you feel better...did somebody hurt you?"

"forget it rien.."

"hmm come here.." he took zern's hand and hold it in his.
"let us go for a stroll...mayb it can cool you down..jom.."

"bye trix..sorry aku amek 'wife' aku jap jalan..."
"aaa kk2...go ahead..i want to go home first..take care of her..." trix smile and wink at me..

'nak kena trix ni..jga ko..'



Max J. Potter said...

i don't really get this post, mate. but is this a true story?

btw, a new chapter of my experimental novel is out, =) and you are invited to come by and read.

keep blogging!

Echolara90 said...

hye max..thz for visiting my blog..:D well the story starts with 'virgin???'...i'm juz writing it for fun...want to sharpen my writing skills and at the same time to improve my eng writing...:D its not a true story..but mayb there are inter related with certain people behavuiour...:D why?

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