05 November 2010

Legendary Flood

yerpp readers...
i am among the victims of legendary flood in Alor Star

around 3pm
i have friends who are willing to lend their hand and help me out at this critical time
thz guys..
rasa nak nangis seh korang sanggup datang tolong...
Only Allah can repay ur deed friends..

the view of taman medah

around 6pm

p/s: current news from my dad at 8am 5th nov 2010 - the water getting high and already flooded the house...

feeling sad and worries..
tomorrow i have to go back to the institute..
we have to get ready for our BTN...
may Allah secure my family.. T.T
bertabah ye all my friends...
almoz all of my friends' houses flooded..
wut do u expect?
all of em live nearby kan..
harusla join venture banjir skali.. 
sabar ye kawan2..
we have to be strong for our family... 

1 comment:

julia said...

so....is your house cleaned now???
just words of precautions....take care of ur cleanliness....contagious disease can easily affect u ....take care darl....

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