06 November 2010

what's up?

i've been very busy
 due to the natural disaster *natural ke??* that hit my housing area...
i'm off and away from keyboard for a while ...

especially blogging..
lots of things to settle while i'm still in Alor Star...

well well readers..
on the 8th of nov-12 nov i'll be off to BTN at Selangor...

huhuhuhu soo i'll be invisible again...

i really want to share sumting with you guys 
regarding the legendary flood that hit A.Star...
it's bursting inside of me..
it's the other point of view..
how human become A HUMAN or INHUMAN..... *is there such thing as inhuman?* XD
it's about 



oh gosh!
wth am i ranting ?
i'll tell on my next entry...
for now, 
keyboard off..
bed time story

maybe i'll update it after i'm back from BTN...huk3

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