18 November 2010


Now ask yourself, is Allah watching you,is He satisfied - Is Allah satisfied


What does it means to you?
it's not just about celebrating the Eid of Haj....
it is more than that...
If we look back to our prophet's history in qurban,
then we can see how great is their faith in God..
*ok you can read about qurban by yourself*

So, readers,
can you think of any of your sacrifices in life?
Have you sacrifice something for the sake of others?
Especially for others happines?
i BET everyone does rite...
'sacrifice' is sumting that we owez do even without us realizing it...
from a very small thing to a big things that can influence our life...
forfeiting for others happiness...
forfeiting for Islam...
that is what life is about....
sharing our blessed life with the unfortunate one...
and it can be in many ways aite??

p/s : feeling lazy to elaborate bout what i've been tru today..
enjoy the pix first ^^
tired la...

jangan x tahu..
i've been babysitting these two cute lil girl when i went to Baling.
my nieces
alya qistina and qaisara(adik)
 i siap tlg suapkan makan lagi taw..
cam x pecaya je i mampu layan bebudak..

ohh! they harassed  this baby XD

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