20 November 2010


there's nothing but crappy things..

seyesly i really wanna write sumting meaningful in here...
but then due to the time constraints...
i hardly has time to think deeply and spill it in here....

Chores to be done while i am home :

1. House cleaning *like DAILY!*

2. Picking up stuffs from old house to the new house *DAILY also*

3. Paint the kitchen and bedroom *oh i'll be doing it alone...and it might take like 2-4 days?*

4.Relatives visiting during raya *it add up to my house chores of preparing and cleaning around the house*
5.Some time for friends *very lil time spends*
6.Time for myself to rest *ohh i think i already forgot what REST is...*
7.Things to be settled by this Nov, move out all the things in the old house to the new house... *i'm DEAD!*
8.Blogging? *ohh havent have time for that yet*

Conclusions : i'll be blogging when i am really2 free...

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