23 October 2010

Chocolate boutique!!

Hye readers!! Thz for dropping by... ^^
today is a very hectic day...
we were having Sports Day in our Institutes...
here is a glance of me at Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan kali ke 40 at IPG Kampus Pulau Pinang
The TESOLIANZ Kenyalang-ianz.... hehehe
So, basically...
it is a tiring day ^^....
i have been such a 
SUPPORTIVE team mates 
supporting my friends at the field kan...
harus la PENAT.. :P
then, right after we finish with the KOT, 
i and incik cuzzy went out to USM to print out our pasport pictures (20pcs) for the departure thingy to OZ..
then, we headed to Perangin Mall to find some stuff needed for ......
  TESL nite...

we went to Sup Hameed to take our TEA break ^^...
while, we were on the way to his car (after finish dining in)..he asks me....
"zie, did u know that (pointing to a place) building over there is a CHOCS BOUTIQUE?"
and i was like XD 
"ooohh (with a long OOoooOOOooo) izit???:D didnt notice that..."
aq x silap dengar kan?heheh chocolates???

i was smiling for the message in his tone when he asks me about 'that' building
when we were already in his car, he asks me...
"wanna go there for a look??"
ahakz!saat yang dinanti2kan!!

ohyeahhh~ nyiru tapak tangan...seluruh pulau pinang saya tadahkan dengan pelawaan itu!
and i replied to him...
"sure... :D why not??heee "

andd....less than 3 min... (since it was only a block away from sup hameed kan)
we arrived at the choc's boutique..


Giler sebentar tgk a house full of CHOCOLATES!!
22,leith street,10200, Penang. Malaysia
i felt EXCITED giler...but at the same time..quit blur..
yer la...
i've never been here before..
so i didnt know whether this is 
a house full of chocs for DISPLAY only 
a shop full of chocs....a SHOP okeh?
kalau shop..leh SHOPPING....hahaha

can u see what's on his right shoulder?hehehe
we were given a sticker when we entered this shop.. ^^
so, right after we enter this boutique..they give us a sticker
that we HAVE TO stick it on our shirt if we want to enter...
there is also a guard, GUARDING at the door...
KACHIWAAA tengok ada guard depan tuuu.. XD
 there goes all my plan to RUN out  from the shops with all the CHOCS!!!
kidding! XD

giler sekejap tgk die nye racks of chocs kannnn ^^
The best thing of all... 
as soon as we entered this boutique,
there's a lady that guide us around in this shop and let us 
TRY OUT @ TASTE all the different kinds of CHOCS!!
this is surely a CHOCS heaven for CHOCS LOVER...
when the lady told me that we can taste out all the chocs ..
i stared at incik sepupu with a deep message with a giggle..
the staring message was meant like diz
*no wonder engkau suke dtg siniiii...dapat chocs free rupanya!!*
and i whisper to him..
i like your idea for this time... XD muahahahha

Hoyeahh~this is what happen when a chocs fanatic entered a shop full with chocs!!
so, after running around the stores tasting all the chocs kan..
adalah sgt mustahil untuk tidak membeli seketul dua buat dimakan di bilik...

Cik pelangi : wehhh ko jahatla..ko taw aq antu cokelat..ko bawa aq g tmpt camni..kan da dilema nak beli ke x chocs ni... XD

incik cuzzy : hahahha kamonn la...it's a must visit place before we depart to OZ okeh??rugii x datang..that's why i brought you here...

and i cant argue more with him since i reallllllllyyy!!!
(i mean super duper really LOVES chocs)

Harusla berposing sebentar! ^^
Auww....will be remembered... ^^
The best place ever for Choc's Loverrr

enter with empty handed, come out with a bag of chocs...ahakz!
haaa!! kan da TERshopping???

Credit to mr Cuzzy for making me craze at this boutique...

thank you for being such a sweet and nice cuzzy ^^
may God bless you buddy!!
Orange crunch chocs and coffee chocs...
sooo...inilah hasilnya selepas menggila dan melagha di Chocs boutique... ^^

i've bought these two chocs and it costs me RM 45.90... XD
the one with coffee taste, it is RM20.00 with a 10% discount...
while the orange CRUNCH,it is RM30.....it has 16 packet in that one packaging....
hohoh surely expensive but gilerrr SEDAPPPP cakap lu!!! ^^ x jumpa kat tempat lain ahh... Anyway, this boutique makes its own chocs and surely not imported one...BARANGAN BUATAN MALAYSIA habaq kauu...and it is effin delicious!!!rasa nak borong satu boutique tuuuuu.... ^^

tambahan cekelattt ^^

before this, everytime i went to Langkawi...
i owez bought toblerone...
it costs me more than hundred Ringgit everytime i starts shopping for chocs...
yesszaa!i'm such a chocs fanatic!dun mention it....
i really likes toblerone..
sumtimes, i will just go there for a day just to buy chocs okey....
and believe me, never in my FRIDGE life
it is empty without chocs..
CHOCS and ice cream is a must-have-thingy in MY fridge (at home)
other than this, i owez buy Daim and cadburry;s...
Seldomly buy ferrero rocher cuz i dont like it very much...
but if people give some to me, i surely eat lah..

soo thats all for today!! ^^
may god bless all of us... :D


Budak Hati said...

kat mane kedai tuh?
nk jugak

EL90 said...

hehe dkt dgn sup hameed..yg tgh penang tu..bkn sup hameed yg dkt gelugor ni...

ada address kedai die org letak kt 1st pic tu...best!!rugi x p! :P

anak pak man said...


memang aku hebat pon..

wahaha XD

EL90 said...

motip hang ckp hang hebat?
justify plzz :P

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