25 October 2010

TESL nyte 2010

TESL NIGHT 2010 was sponsored by :
UUM, Macquarie University,Sydney and IPG Kampus Pulau Pinang
Drum roll!!!!
Hello everybody!!!
welcome to TEYL,TESOL, and TESL NIGHT 2010!!!!

we proudly bring to you...
tonight presentation LIVE from KINGS' HALL
with the theme
Heroes and Villains
life in motion pictures....

first of all, before we proceed and enter the hall...
lets have a peek what is going on at the red carpet hallway..
signing on the WALL OF FAME ^^
i loikeee youu
 oh yeah!!
seems like the guests were busy taking pictures at the wall of fame ^^
Lets check out some of the pictures taken....

miss Zorro entertaining her fan cik schu by taking photograph as a memory...
Oh looks like our dear Miss Nyterainbow....
tonite, she is impersonating as Miss Zorro!!
as you can see....
she is busy taking pictures with her FAN JUNIOR JE TUH  

Among the artists that came last night (24th oct 2010)
incik Adi, incik Jieber and incik zul *i gez*
Okay..as we can see here...
the singers and the dancers has arrived...
these HOT OMG!! guys are taking their pictures at the WALL of FAME...
with the hope  
that they will be FAMOUS *famous da punn~* one day later~


Miss Zorro moments with other colleagues...
Wall of Fame
Mr. Anak Pak Man (the backstage guy), Mr Er (the Dancer)
Miss Zorro and Mystique (the audience) :P
a'a...we're just the audience~ :P

Moments with the MC's and Dancer of the nyte...
Miss Wida, Miss keisha (i gez),Mr Er, and dear cuzzy Mr. Anware

too many fans... TIPU!!  XD
everyone wanted to take pictures with me.. another tipuu!! XD
but i dont mind...
i loikee.... hahahahha

so now, let us go into the hall...
*drum roll*
Opening ceremony officiated by IPG KPP's Director, Mr. Rijeng Jahet

sneak preview :P
Some of the performances....
sorry..I can only upload some of the pictures only (for performances)
cuz most of the time..i was recording it... :P

Sooo ladies and gentlemen....
right after the performances finish...
the time that has been waiting for has arrived!!!
photographing session!!
Capturing the moments with the winner of Queen of TESL night...
sister Ummu the lady in yellow suit... ^^
as well as the TEYL cohort 4 senior
Sister Faz,Sister Anis and Mr Remy
In the hall with these two singers
Mr Jieber (bukan nama sbenar) XD
Mr super junior [TESL cohort 4] (forgot his name) 
p/s :nice performance!! TESLIANZ ROXX hoyeahh!!

another photo session with fan :PP
right after performing on stage XD

haha okeh... this is not my fan... 
but he is my fostee...
well, in the TESLIANZ culture,
every time we had new junior,
the senior will received a junior as a fostee ...
this is to help strengthen the bond between senior and junior as well as
to guide/help each other especially in studies...

no scandal2 okes??
everyone mention in this blog is my friend!! ^^ 

Moments with cohort mate...
the dancers on behalf of cohort 2...
Great job you guys!! fantastic performance!! ^^
In serious mode : zorro mana ada senyum ayu2 :P

Moments with Mr. Joker (Mr. chip -senior TEYL)
feeling unsatisfied after losing in the battle
Zorro vs Joker

 this one is taken right after we had a discussion on how to DEFEAT the dracula
n i was lost to the battle rock,paper,scissors ^^
*if u knw wut i mean* :P
Battles after battles XD
Zorro VS Dracula
 One on one with the dracula...
Mr Joker went of to search for BATMAN la pulakk...

With the dancers

heheh that is all....
more pictures in facebook... ^^


schuhada attarmizi said...

haha okay i DO look like a fan dont i? haha bawak polystyrene g haha

EL90 said...

hahaha but it is nice... ;)

iKhRam said...

wow.. cam best jer.. galamor masing2... tp sayang aku tak join semalam... hurmm

EL90 said...

huhu nape x g?

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