23 October 2010

You've been tagged! ^^

Hyee every one!! :D heee x sangka kena tagged dengan incik izamir......thz anyway for tagging me.... :D terkejut jugak sebenarnya...ok as you can see...i've been blogging since last three yearss..huhuhu tapi due to a certain reason..

i kinda choose to stop blogging for a while...tapi lately ni...ada pulak orang yang menggalakkan cik pelangi kembali berblogging... ^^ masih takut sebenarnya nk berblogging ni...tp kita cuba bersihkan hati..bersangka baik dan niat lillahitaala....:) ape yg niat lillahitaala nye dgn blogging ni? huhuhu one day, you'll understand about it......(bwad misterioussss bleh kan???hahah)

thz for diz award!! ^^ kembang i~
 dua tiga kali tgk blog sniri balik...
cantik ke?
 but, thank you kawan! ^^

2. Spread the words to 15 bloggers who you like and you think their blogs are  awesome!
Oke nih 15 blog yang cik Pelangi dah pilih...for me, the scopes for beautiful is too wide.. soo these are the blogs that i considered as beautiful in terms of physical looks as well as its content.... ^^
3- Ayeem
8- schu
12- BUM
13- Ikhram
15- Kamal

3. Tell 7 things about yourself.
-Loves outdoor and adventure
-Love making friends
-Drooling over DSLR...tunggu jap yerr.... :P
-likes reading demn much....
-Love star gazing...
-Loves seating by the sea side and think of God's greatness..Allahuakbar,subhanallah... :)
-I'm an ambivert that potrays more on introvertedness and such an indecesive girl.....

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