13 October 2010

motivational words for you and me

okey..diz is part of micro teaching task from the last group in my class.. ^^ their topic is regarding MOTIVATION...
i do feel motivated after doing this origami....heheh we were required to make an origami. of this beautiful bird.... ^^ and in the folded origami...there is motivational words written by each of us...
then, we need to exchange it with our classmates...its fun tho~! ^^

heee selingan.....this picture was taken while i was waiting for my friend in front of blok muhibbah.... ^^ 
excuse for the noise...just using my hp's camera...soo paham2 je la...heee


okk.....get back to our topic... MOTIVATION.....
can you see the picture above??
the jellybean look very tempting kann? ^^
ok this is in the Pedagogy class....
they are talking about how reward can be a motivation towards student.
as it says on the slide
"Children who expect rewards for an activity are less likely 
to engage in the same activity later than those who were intrinsically motivated"

this one is my motivational words towards myself...
haha the one that i make(for my classmate) is already given to the person in charge...
didnt take the picture plak....
well, isnt it true?

Life isnt fair...but it is stilll GOOD....!! ^^

ahaaa! the green one is the one dat receive randomly from my classmate....^^
while the one on ur right side is the one with the above motivational words....

tadaaaaaaa!!! ^^

can you read what is written on it?
well it said....
"Everything in this world requires PATIENCE, HARD WORK and DETERMINATION
I know you can do it FRIEND.... ^^"

isnt it nice???? hehehhe
very motivating aite??? ^^

in my oppinion..
you can only live happily 
if you have great friends, and also good philosophy@motivational words...
it helps you to feel great when you are feeling DOWN.... :)

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